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Privacy Policy

At Crescent Moon we value your privacy and commit to you that we will NEVER share any of the information that you entrust with us. We know the importance of your privacy and what it means to our relationship. We have taken all the steps necessary to make every transaction over our website “secure”. Our advanced data encryption systems protect your information at all times.

Our policy is very straightforward, and very simple - we treat you as a friend coming into our home, and as friends we have certain understandings. If at any time you get an email from us about ‘special offers’ or ‘news’, and would rather not receive such email, you may simply reply back with your wishes and we will never contact you again. Rest assured though that you would NEVER receive information from a third party based upon our relationship, because we do not share that information. This bond, this relationship, is sacred to us and we would never risk losing you as a friend and customer.