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The “Earth-Friendly” Folding Yoga ECOmat (Charcoal)

Prix Welkit $49.99
Available in both Charcoal and Classic Blue.
  • Non-Toxic. PVC-free. Chlorides-free.
  • Unique design keeps the top surface of the mat clean of dirt and debris- unlike rolled mats.
  • Recyclable and Naturally Decomposable
  • Folds for easy storage and transport
  • You can easily double fold specific areas to provide extra cushioning for wrists and knees
  • Can be used as a bolster when folded
  • EcoMat Dimensions: 26 x 72 x 0.25 inches
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At Crescent Moon Yoga, we care about the environment and our overall carbon footprint that we leave behind. In an effort to introduce products that are better for our environment and more innovative than competitor’s products, we are proud to re-introduce the “Earth-Friendly” Yoga and Pilates Mat! The ECOmat is fully bio-degradable. No toxins were produced in its production. The ECOmat is 100% PVC free!

Our innovative ECOmat does not roll - it folds! If you have been practicing for awhile, you know that most mats develop edges that curl up and can get in your way. The reason these edges curl is because you have to roll your mat up to transport and store it. By designing a foldable mat, we eliminate both the curled edges and we kept the top surface of the mat clean. The top surface of the mat never comes in contact with the bottom surface due to the way the mat folds. With regular mats, every time you roll it up, the dust and dirt from the bottom side of your mat transfers to the top side. When you go to you use your mat again, you may feel that dirty residue on your hands and feet – it’s not a nice feeling. Our folding ECOmat design eliminates this dirty and germ transfer leaving your hands and feet clean.

The ECOmat's unique material, is extremely durable but is 30% lighter than most mats of the same size. If you require extra padding for your wrists, hips, or knees- this mat is here for you. The ECOmat can be easily folded or doubled up in multiple areas to cushion those parts of your body that need a little extra care. If you are looking for a better mat, this is it!

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Color Charcoal
Material TPE
Product Weight 2.75 lbs
Size 26” x 72” x .25”
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