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TractionCuff Women's Knit Top (Black / White)

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The TractionCuff™ is a patent-pending long-sleeve Modal® cotton shirt that helps to absorb perspiration during your workout. This innovative new design incorporates non-slip 'cuffs' and a 'thumb-hole' at the end of the sleeves that allow the wearer to pull the end of the sleeve over their thumb, which allows the cuff to transform into a 'half-glove'. The non-slip silicone material on the lower half of the cuff is now positioned directly under the palm and provides excellent grip during yoga and/or Pilates practice. This top is 57% Modal, 38% Cotton, and 5% Spandex. Modal is a cellulose fiber that is approximately 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. The cotton allows for added comfort while the spandex helps the shirt retain its shape while doing many different workouts.

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Color Black / White
Material Modal / Cotton/ Spandex
SKUs Small TractionCuff Women's Knit Top (Black / White) - CMXTT01S
Medium TractionCuff Women's Knit Top (Black / White) - CMXTT01M
Large TractionCuff Women's Knit Top (Black / White) - CMXTT01L
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