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MicroClear Three Pack

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  • Removes dirt and smudges in one swipe
  • Self-adheres anywhere on device when not in use
  • Retains adhesive for thousands of uses
  • MicroFiber will not scratch surfaces
  • The perfect solution for Cell Phones, Digital Camera LCDs, MP3 Player screens, PDA screens, Portable Gaming Devices and Portable DVD Player/Laptop screens
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When you're on the move, you don't always have the time and space to carry cleaning supplies for your device screens. From cell phones to PDAs to your laptop, a dirty, smudged or fingerprint covered screen can be at the very least annoying, and can leave a bad impression on clients or anyone else around you. Enter the MicroClear. The MicroClear is a soft, self adhesive tab that you can stick to any of your portable devices and have a cleaning solution with you wherever you go! The MicroClear cleaning surface will never scratch your devices, and the self-adhesive backing won't leave tacky adhesive behind, but it's strong and effective enough to be re-used thousands of times! For a portable cleaning solution, the answer is MicroClear!

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Color Gray
Material Microfiber
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